Sour og strain review

The current strain that I’ve been using and enjoying lately is called the Sour OG.  It is a very relaxing strain and one that is also well balanced.  It really can be used any time of the day and still be enjoyable.

Genetics:  One of the most heavy influences on the outcome of your crop is the genetics of the plant.  Sour og is a cross between the well known strains of Sour diesel and Og kush.  The name reflects the combination perfectly and these two strains are originals that every smoker has either tried or heard of.  Og kush brings the strength to the high and definitely the relaxation factor that is felt.  The sour diesel is whats responsible for the diesel flavor and helps balance out the relaxation with more of an upbeat energetic high.  These two extremes really go well together and it’s what makes this strain flexible and easy to smoke mid day or late at night.

Looks: It’s one of those brighter green looking strains that is also covered in white trichomes.  The one thing that I did notice is that there were a lot more smaller sized nugs in the batch.  The medicine is relatively dense because its an og strain, and a picture is attached in the heading for a close up.  8/10 on looks.

Effects:  The effects are very pleasant and not the complete heavy body high that og kush is known for but still a warm feeling throughout the body.  I’ve found that this makes it really easy to sleep at the end of the night pain free.  When used in the day before completing tasks, its not debilitating.  I found it easy and enjoyable to get some things done around the house on different occasions.  I wouldn’t classify the high in the category of some of the strongest highs such as og kush and tangerine but definitely can be overwhelming for occasional users.  8/10 on effects

Overall I would definitely choose this strain again for its flavor and nice balance of effects. Although it is very relaxing, there are a lot of things going on in my mind and I feel relatively creative at the same time.  Not in my top 5 or so favorites but I would definitely pick up some more if my grower does another cycle.

Cannabis strains explained

For people who hear many of the ridiculous and creative names people use to describe their type of flowers it often sounds stupid.  Many uniformed people think weed is weed. Or they think there is just high quality and a lower quality. The truth is there have been so many breeds that have been crossed in so many unique combinations, that they all have something different to offer.  Cannabis does have similar effects across most strains, however many times certain effects are more noticeable in a specific type.  For example, a indica dominant strain such as banana kush would share the effects of euphoria, relaxation, and appetite with many other indica or kush strains.  However, one thing that could be helpful to a patient in serious pain is the powerful relief this specific medicine is known for.  It relaxes the muscles and eases the onset of sleep.

With each specific breed of the plant having its own significant attributes, the limits of this medicine are boundless.  The list of conditions that this one plant can help treat is longer then this blog post and would include the condition of simply living.  I think everyone experiences stress, anxiety, and pain and there is no reason generally healthy people also cannot benefit from its use.  With these different effects also comes different flavors.  One of my favorite things about consuming cannabis is enjoying the sweet unique flavors that come from different grows.  Unless you are making genetic clones, it’s unusual you will come across the exact same batch with the same exact flavors and effects.

Whats your favorite strain?  Is there one that helps exceptionally well with your condition/aliment?  Leave a comment below, and try out some new flavors instead playing it safe all the time, you may just find a new favorite.


Michigan and Marijuana

When you look at the state of Michigan currently and think its somewhat reasonable with it’s cannabis laws because it allows for the medical use with a doctors recommendation, I’d say you’re partially right.  It was a huge step in the right direction and provided criminal protections for those who needed it.  However there is no way for you to obtain it unless you can grow it yourself or know someone who can for you.  I think that these options should be available but the legal options stop there.  Not everybody has the ability or time to produce their own medicine and often need instant relief.  Also, not every sick person has an experienced grower who has been growing it since the time it was illegal.  There is no where for someone to safely access their medicine in a public setting.  This makes people turn to black market dealers who have no interest in registering in the system to provide their legal medicine.  There is absolutely no reason for this and the ones that do try to set up in the grey area of the law as “compassion centers” often get shut down and/or raided.

These are serious problems that need to be fixed to have a truly effective medical marijuana program in the state of Michigan.  As far as not being a medical user, you get a permanent criminal record that you would otherwise never have if it was decriminalized, and at the very least face fines.  If your’e a student like myself, you will not be eligible for any financial aid either.  It’s also very possible you could face jail time or be pressured into becoming a confidential informant and risking your life.  All for using a plant that grows from the ground.  This year there is hopes of seeing a measure on the ballot to legalize cultivation and possession of the plant but without enough educated voters, it will never pass.

Have you ever been a victim of the war on marijuana?  Have you been harassed by police for being a medical user in possession?  They often try to prosecute for bullshit improper carrying violations and suspecting intoxication.  Share your stories below!

Purpose/information about Cannabisculture blog

Hello Everyone,

I would like to start by explaining where the love and interest of the cannabis plant stems from and why sharing/spreading information is so important.

Like many others, in my teenage years I was told by people and held the common belief that drugs are dangerous and held very little information about differences and side effects of both legal and illegal drugs.  When it came to marijuana, I wouldn’t have known what it was if I smelt it from the other room or even saw it.  I held the belief that your stupid if you smoke it and that it’s right up there with the other hard drugs.  It wasn’t until I started having discussions with friends at school who had actually tried it and were familiar with the potential side effects, benefits, and dangers.  These were people I viewed as intelligent in general and definitely had more knowledge on the subject of weed.  The more I talked about it with them the more I became interested and did a small amount of research before experiencing with it.

My first experience with cannabis turned me on to it big time.  There was no other experience in my life where everything was enhanced in a way that made it so easy to enjoy and appreciate.  Music was something that I had considered myself passionate about but after that day it was a whole different story.  The only way to describe it is being able to take in every musical note and focus with such clarity without any distraction.  This experience was clearly 1oo% recreational and enjoyable but I still knew little about it’s benefits to both healthy and especially sick people.

This changed when I saw videos and information everywhere of people experiencing a complete turnaround in their health from using cannabis.  The list of diseases that it either treats or heals is too long to list.  The number of medications it could replace is staggering and the number of side effects it could eliminate is even higher.  I watched a man with violent seizures stop them seconds after using medical marijuana in its natural form.  It reduces the number of these episodes dramatically and with continued treatment has even stopped them.  This is just one serious aliment and yet it’s been illegal for a period of over 70 years for both sick and recreational users.

The moment I realized I needed to do something for the cause was after I watched my aunt battle cancer in its late stages.  Her appetite was gone and she was in way too much pain to do anything.  The chemo therapy made her nauseous even though she wasn’t eating.  I finally got her to try a cannabis edible and she managed to get some of it down through our help.  Within 30 minutes she told me all the pain was gone and it was wonderful.  She could feel the breeze through the window and actually ate a small meal.  This changed my life forever and I knew that there was true potential in this demonized plant.  Not long after that she passed, but I know this relief can help others and be used in time to give these suffering people the quality of life they deserve.

All of these events in my life made me want to write about this plant and the people who use it.  Whether that be legislation or just interesting information, the goal is that someone learns about and maybe even personally benefits from this medicine.  If this underrated medicine interests you and you’d like to read and discuss about it then follow my blog and share your thoughts!