Cannabis strains explained

For people who hear many of the ridiculous and creative names people use to describe their type of flowers it often sounds stupid.  Many uniformed people think weed is weed. Or they think there is just high quality and a lower quality. The truth is there have been so many breeds that have been crossed in so many unique combinations, that they all have something different to offer.  Cannabis does have similar effects across most strains, however many times certain effects are more noticeable in a specific type.  For example, a indica dominant strain such as banana kush would share the effects of euphoria, relaxation, and appetite with many other indica or kush strains.  However, one thing that could be helpful to a patient in serious pain is the powerful relief this specific medicine is known for.  It relaxes the muscles and eases the onset of sleep.

With each specific breed of the plant having its own significant attributes, the limits of this medicine are boundless.  The list of conditions that this one plant can help treat is longer then this blog post and would include the condition of simply living.  I think everyone experiences stress, anxiety, and pain and there is no reason generally healthy people also cannot benefit from its use.  With these different effects also comes different flavors.  One of my favorite things about consuming cannabis is enjoying the sweet unique flavors that come from different grows.  Unless you are making genetic clones, it’s unusual you will come across the exact same batch with the same exact flavors and effects.

Whats your favorite strain?  Is there one that helps exceptionally well with your condition/aliment?  Leave a comment below, and try out some new flavors instead playing it safe all the time, you may just find a new favorite.


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