Gorilla glue #4 strain review

The current strain I’ve been using medicinally lately is known as the gorilla glue.  It definitely gets it’s name for the sticky resin covered buds.  I prefer to use this one later at night, especially if I plan on using high doses of it.  It’s definitely a quality strain worth trying if you haven’t already.  It’s a well known strain that has won the 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis cup.  Will be ready to flower in 9-10 weeks in correct growing conditions.  It produces a moderate but potent yield.

Genetics: It’s always noting the parents of a quality plant like the gorilla glue.  It’s a cross between  Chem Sister and Chocolate diesel qualifying it as a indica heavy hybrid.  I think that the diesel contributes heavily to its earthy natural smell.  I can’t imagine what the plants smelled like flowering… Scent control must be top of the line.

Looks:  Huge thick chunky buds that are consistently dense and equal in size.  I’ve seen buds this big plenty of times but usually it’s not the whole bag.  The bag appeal of this strain grown indoors is stunning.  Combined with the smell the light green buds will be disappearing fast.  Also noticeable is the density of the colas.  10/10 on looks.

Effects: The effects hit fast and are impossible to ignore.  Sitting down/relaxing will feel very good and muscles become very loose.  Great for pain management of any kind and a great nights sleep.  Relaxation is the number one word I would use to describe it.    Although it is a hybrid, this one makes me pretty tired if used late at night and cuts homework short on occasion.  If you have a high tolerance, use it whenever but it is definitely a body high.  8.5/10.

Flavor has a bit of lemon but mostly is really piney from the diesel genetics.  Take precaution with the scent if travelling/growing.  Must try for those who haven’t had it and will definitely keep this around for the coming weeks. Let me know what experiences or problems you’ve had growing this one and anything it does medically for you! Love hearing about that.



Replacing pain pills with medical cannabis

Pain is something that we all experience and have to deal with in this life.  For some people the majority of their day is unimaginably agonizing and they are willing to do anything to find much needed  relief.  This often includes taking the prescribed opiate medication that our doctors have been handing out legally for many years.  Most people simply trust their doctors and have the assumption that if something is in pill form it is safe and has been through the rigorous drug approval process.  These medications often are very effective at first and may lead the person to believe that they are solving their problem of constant pain.  However, these drug users quickly build tolerance causing problems with effectiveness of the opiates as well as the very strong possibility of overdose.  The difference between where a regular opiate user can feel the effects and the dose that will kill them is far to small to be considered safe.  Prescription pills kill more people then heroin, crack, and meth combined and this is because of their perceived safeness compared to “illegal drugs.”  This is an enormous example of misinformation.  Just because a drug is legal and given to you in a pretty little white pill doesn’t mean it’s not as deadly as it’s street version Heroin.  Lawmakers could care less about health and safety of medical patients and have proven it through there promotion of pharmaceutical drugs over the natural safe alternative.  It’s all about dollars.

It’s often after a patient barely escapes the horrible side effects and physically addictive properties of opium that they then give medical marijuana a chance.  Medical cannabis is a much healthier alternative and provides patients a quality of life that they simply couldn’t receive from  a man made pharmaceutical poison.  Once the switch is made patients report that certain strains of cannabis are much more effective at suppressing their pain and also reduces the amount of flare ups.  This is most likely due to the ant-inflammatory properties of the plant that pills simply don’t have.  Side effects are usually on the pleasant side besides the occasional dry mouth or drowsiness.   Of course there is the fact that it is impossible to overdose and it does not have the horrible physical dependence and horrible withdrawal symptoms when it’s not used.  From cancer patients in constant pain to a serious athletic injury, cannabis has proven it’s effectiveness in treating pain.  This is just one of the many uses this plant has and it would take away millions of dollars from the pharmaceutical industry replacing so many of their inefficient drugs.

If you haven’t tried an alternative to federally accepted pain medications, you haven’t explored all your options.  IT has been shown in medical marijuana states that prescription pill overdoses have decreased after making cannabis an option for those suffering.  Spread the information to those that you love that suffer from serious pain and give them a chance to live the life they deserve free of addiction and nasty side effects.