Concentrates popularity

It seems like around 5 years ago there was nobody that I knew or had heard about that had purchased or created a dab rig setup.  Even going to the smoke shop I don’t remember seeing them available for sale, and if so, no where near the selection size you see now.  There is no doubt a rise in the production as a result of demand and it seems to continue to grow.  Here in Michigan, it is not hard to find a constant supply of cannabis concentrates.  This is mostly due to the dispensary storefronts located in Detroit that offer many selections to choose from.  There is a high volume of shops which means lot’s of producers of dabs.  This isn’t even taking into consideration the underground production helping to meet the demand of recreational users which seems endless.

Most users of concentrates are not new to cannabis.  They are definitely potent but manageable if dosed correctly.  The demand mostly comes from long time cannabis lovers who enjoy the idea that less is more.  Not only is there the main reason of wanting a stronger and lasting high, there is also densely packed flavor you get every time.  Even though smoking cannabis is said to have immediate effects, the dabs kick in even quicker and all at once.  It’s definitely less gradual and smooth then the flowers but with time becomes easier and easier to manage.  For those super crazy enthusiast with lots of money and or  crazy growing skills the high is limitless.  People seem to take larger and larger dabs that are absolutely impossible for me to come close to consuming.

On the medical side there is the amazing rick Simpson oil, which is also a concentrate but is  often taken orally.  Just like the fact that the high is limitless, the dosage of cannabinoids that attack cancer cells is limitless.  Cancer patients are told to take very large doses that they have to work themselves up to.  This is because it has effectively removed the cells in patients with consistent heavy use on multiple occasions.  If you’re interested in this topic and would like to learn more about testimonials and the potential life saving medicine please look up the documentary called “Run from the Cure”.

While people often try to demonize this new trend of use in the cannabis culture, the chemical remains the same.  Tetrahydrocannabinol.  It is unlike other substances and will not kill you or harm you in the same way cannabis doesn’t.  It is simply a more concentrated form that often makes use more efficient and effective for consumers and patients alike.

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