Best Ways to Conserve Cannabis

Whether you make the decision to take the time and effort to grow your own cannabis or purchase it from someone with more experience, making the stash last is always a challenge.  There are several different techniques used by stoners over the years.  The number one tip to extending your buds lifespan is to avoid blunts and joints when possible.  No other method of smoking wastes anywhere near as many buds per session.  Don’t get me wrong, puffing on a joint is my favorite and most relaxing way to unwind.  If it didn’t deplete my supply so quickly, I would probably strictly smoke joints.  They seem to provide the most flavor while burning almost as slow as them tobacco wraps.

However, every other method of consumption is much more efficient, especially when smoking alone or with a small group of people.  Packing a bowl/bong will use approximately 0.2-0.4 grams each session in comparison to the 0.9-1.5+ grams of bud you will find stuffed in a cone.  While a joint will provide more hits and last longer than a bong, just a few rips out of a decent rig will provide a comparable high.  It produces much more smoke then a joint ever could in one hit.  If you were to pack three of these bowls back to back you would most definitely be higher than you would off a standard joint.  The same amount of marijuana can be used for a much stronger effect.  Most people come to realize that they are using much more product than necessary after purchasing a bong for the first time.

Are there any other ways to consume weed that uses even less than packing a bong?  Of course, but you’ll have to trade all that marijuana smoke for some vapor.  The healthier alternative of vaporizing is not as popular among patients and consumers as smoking.  I think a lot of this is due to the fact that smoking marijuana has been the traditional way to use it for thousands of years.  Smoking seems to pack a stronger less clear-headed high then vaporization in my own personal experience.  The high just has a different feeling to it than one produced by vapor.  Another reason many people steer clear of vaporization is the high price tag on the equipment.  While I haven’t used a portable herb vaporizer in a couple years, they did seem to be sub-par quality with a lot of problems in comparison to their stationary versions.  I’m sure they have made a lot of progress and improvements over the last few years, but you still need to be prepared to drop a couple hundred dollars for a decent one.  Cleaning was always a challenge for these older versions.  Non-portable options like the volcano vaporizer typically run $500 -$700.  A lot of people see that price tag and run over to the glass section to buy a nice piece for a fraction of that.  In the long run, the vaporizer will save users a shit ton because very little product is needed to fill up huge bags of vapor.  For the occasional smoker, it might not be worth it to make this investment.  However, for regular users and patients that are concerned about the effects smoke is having to their lungs it’s a great alternative and a nice way to save some cash.


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