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As the laws around cannabis continue to change in the right direction, it is being put under the spot light for a lot of people who have never even considered being associated with the plant.  There is also a huge majority of people that have experimented with the drug but would have never tried learning to grow before it became legal.  The demand for growing information seems to be higher then it ever has been, especially here in Michigan.  Now that there is legal protection to cultivate your own medicine/product, it only makes sense to reduce or even eliminate future purchases.  Growing your own plants and enjoying the harvest is one of the most rewarding things imaginable.  Watching the entire process happen and the plants mature into months worth of usable product is always worth the work.  High quality cannabis is extremely valuable and will drain your wallet if you are purchasing it regularly.  If you’re willing to put in the time and have the space, all you’re missing is a consultant.

Cultivation Agent

My indoor growing consultation service is now available to those in the southeastern region of Michigan.  With over 4 years of medical marijuana growing experience and a passion for writing and reading about the culture of cannabis, I am confident I can save you from the endless hours of research and disappointing harvests.  Trial and error is not a fun process, especially when you’re expecting to come out with the craft cannabis on the top shelf at the dispensary.  Walking you step by step through the method that has brought me great success will have you on the right track and informed so it’s easy to make the correct adjustments when needed.  Anybody can grow weed, but growing high quality weed that is packed full of flavor is a unique skill.

How it Works

It simply is not possible to give all the information needed up front in the initial consultation.  There are going to be countless questions that come along throughout the growing process.  My relationship with customers will be ongoing and continue as long as the customer wishes.  Charges are based on an hourly rate and are reduced as a grower gains ability.

In-home consultations before first harvest: $35/hr

Consultations after 1st harvest : $25/hr

Looking forward to a successful grow with you!

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Phone: 586-817-2369


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