When a state decides to legalize cannabis, there is always a waiting period before it can be sold. Michigan is currently going through that phase. For some people, they see this unique time as an opportunity to cash in. There is a large demand for an unavailable legal product. In addition, the law is also written to include marijuana weed gifts as a legal transaction. One bookstore in Michigan has decided to absorb the legal demand for marijuana through gifting. The idea is a customer can purchase books for a higher than normal price, and receive a free edible with their transaction. Michigan Blaze calls it a Brownie Edible Book Bundle.

The bundle appears to be advertised online on the companies website. This will no doubt drive all kinds of business their way. It may seem like a new intelligent idea, but it has been done before with a wide variety of products. Gray area businesses like these are popping up in every state that legalizes cannabis.

It is a blatant way to try and skirt around the law and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Nobody is fooled by the fact that cheap books are being sold for abnormal prices that more than cover the costs of cannabis. Especially when it is openly advertised that anyone over 21 can only acquire weed gifts from your business. Short-term it will be great for profits, but long-term it could cost big time.

Another thing to take into consideration is that dispensaries will be operating sometime in 2020. Even if these types of businesses manage to avoid prosecution, they won’t be around long anyway. Legal dispensaries are going to absorb the customers that are buying unnecessary books for a buzz. Prices will be more reasonable because businesses will not need to throw in a book with their weed sale.

For me, it makes more sense to run a book store that includes a smoking/reading area. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that could open for business tomorrow. Permits eventually will be available for public smoking areas though. If gray area businesses like Blaze Michigan can wait, it’s a great way to indirectly cash in on this thriving industry without the jail time.

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Soham Rogers

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Sat Aug 24 , 2019
Thankfully the topic of this article is becoming less relevant for more and more people across the United States as we slowly but surely reform our drug laws.  Even though several states have legalized the plant for all adults and lots of others are protected from prosecution due to a […]
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