How Long Does it Take to Grow Cannabis?

The short answer to the very general question of how long it takes to grow weed is around 3 months.  This is just an average number and is accounting for around 1 month in the vegetative stage followed by 2 months in 12/12 light schedule for flowering.  This is not taking into consideration preferences or the other countless factors that you have with different strains and different grow room set ups.  I’ve never gone more than a month and a half in the vegetative stage but know that patience is very beneficial when it comes to yields.  The plant will get most of it’s leafy and structural growth in this stage and the longer it is drawn out the larger it gets to an extent.  However, you could also switch over to a flowering life cycle very early on to initiate a faster harvest.  This is also ideal if you are limited on space or are growing from a clone instead of starting from the seed.

That is where the 3 month answer stems from.  It’s just a general rule of thumb.  It is very important to either know the exact genetics and strain information or have access to equipment that allows you to examine the trichomes extremely close.  If you know the strain, you know how long it will have to be in flowering to get the appropriate bud development.  Most strains are around 8 weeks while hazes and sativas tend to take longer and up to 11 or 12 weeks sometimes.  This is of course if you are strictly controlling the environments temperature, humidity, and other growing conditions.

This time frame is not taking into account drying and curing which adds a substantial amount of time before your medicine is ready to be consumed.  Drying only takes around 4 or so days where curing takes at least 2 weeks.  Many growers cure longer then 2 weeks due to the improved taste that comes from properly cured buds.  To be a grower you have to be patient, but if you do it right the wait will make the crop that much more rewarding then purchasing it every time you want to consume.

Hope this quick answer gave you an idea of how long you should expect to spend during the satisfying grow proccess!


2016 the Year of Rescheduling?

Within the past week there has been a lot of buzz about the possibility of this year finally being the year of at least a federal rescheduling of the drug.  Following a recent smoke out Saturday at the White House supporting the veteran movement, there was also news that the DEA sent a lengthy memo to lawmakers claiming it hopes to decide whether to change the scheduling of the drug by this July.  The only result for this is has to be the enormous pressure they are now feeling as more and more people are educated on how messed up the war on drugs has been.  It’s been dragged out longer than anyone thought possible.

I think that it’s something to definitely look out for but this is far from the first time there has been talk of rescheduling with no action being taken.  The data and information has been out there that it has medical purposes, but this agency has been able to deny science in the name of enormous profits and police budgets that they have become so dependent on.  The time will come when a large majority of people will catch on to the profitable and devastating effects the prohibition of this plant has been.  There is definitely some of that going on this year, thanks to the legalization of marijuana in 4 states already and people are taking notice.  Those states are seeing lower crime rates and most importantly, no ones going to jail for a personal harmless choice.  The possibility that 2016 is the year it is at least acknowledged officially for its medical uses and taken off the list of dangerous drugs is definitely there.  The DEA will have to listen to other associations like the AMA who are even recommending a rescheduling now.  This would be a huge victory for proponents of medical marijuana and give protections immediately to thousands of patients from federal prosecution.  The current scheduling is the only reason for the federal raids and pretty much justifies everything they do to enforce it.  Sick people need their medicine and they may finally be left alone and treated like the legitimate patients  that they are.

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Concentrates popularity

It seems like around 5 years ago there was nobody that I knew or had heard about that had purchased or created a dab rig setup.  Even going to the smoke shop I don’t remember seeing them available for sale, and if so, no where near the selection size you see now.  There is no doubt a rise in the production as a result of demand and it seems to continue to grow.  Here in Michigan, it is not hard to find a constant supply of cannabis concentrates.  This is mostly due to the dispensary storefronts located in Detroit that offer many selections to choose from.  There is a high volume of shops which means lot’s of producers of dabs.  This isn’t even taking into consideration the underground production helping to meet the demand of recreational users which seems endless.

Most users of concentrates are not new to cannabis.  They are definitely potent but manageable if dosed correctly.  The demand mostly comes from long time cannabis lovers who enjoy the idea that less is more.  Not only is there the main reason of wanting a stronger and lasting high, there is also densely packed flavor you get every time.  Even though smoking cannabis is said to have immediate effects, the dabs kick in even quicker and all at once.  It’s definitely less gradual and smooth then the flowers but with time becomes easier and easier to manage.  For those super crazy enthusiast with lots of money and or  crazy growing skills the high is limitless.  People seem to take larger and larger dabs that are absolutely impossible for me to come close to consuming.

On the medical side there is the amazing rick Simpson oil, which is also a concentrate but is  often taken orally.  Just like the fact that the high is limitless, the dosage of cannabinoids that attack cancer cells is limitless.  Cancer patients are told to take very large doses that they have to work themselves up to.  This is because it has effectively removed the cells in patients with consistent heavy use on multiple occasions.  If you’re interested in this topic and would like to learn more about testimonials and the potential life saving medicine please look up the documentary called “Run from the Cure”.

While people often try to demonize this new trend of use in the cannabis culture, the chemical remains the same.  Tetrahydrocannabinol.  It is unlike other substances and will not kill you or harm you in the same way cannabis doesn’t.  It is simply a more concentrated form that often makes use more efficient and effective for consumers and patients alike.

Gorilla glue #4 strain review

The current strain I’ve been using medicinally lately is known as the gorilla glue.  It definitely gets it’s name for the sticky resin covered buds.  I prefer to use this one later at night, especially if I plan on using high doses of it.  It’s definitely a quality strain worth trying if you haven’t already.  It’s a well known strain that has won the 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis cup.  Will be ready to flower in 9-10 weeks in correct growing conditions.  It produces a moderate but potent yield.

Genetics: It’s always noting the parents of a quality plant like the gorilla glue.  It’s a cross between  Chem Sister and Chocolate diesel qualifying it as a indica heavy hybrid.  I think that the diesel contributes heavily to its earthy natural smell.  I can’t imagine what the plants smelled like flowering… Scent control must be top of the line.

Looks:  Huge thick chunky buds that are consistently dense and equal in size.  I’ve seen buds this big plenty of times but usually it’s not the whole bag.  The bag appeal of this strain grown indoors is stunning.  Combined with the smell the light green buds will be disappearing fast.  Also noticeable is the density of the colas.  10/10 on looks.

Effects: The effects hit fast and are impossible to ignore.  Sitting down/relaxing will feel very good and muscles become very loose.  Great for pain management of any kind and a great nights sleep.  Relaxation is the number one word I would use to describe it.    Although it is a hybrid, this one makes me pretty tired if used late at night and cuts homework short on occasion.  If you have a high tolerance, use it whenever but it is definitely a body high.  8.5/10.

Flavor has a bit of lemon but mostly is really piney from the diesel genetics.  Take precaution with the scent if travelling/growing.  Must try for those who haven’t had it and will definitely keep this around for the coming weeks. Let me know what experiences or problems you’ve had growing this one and anything it does medically for you! Love hearing about that.



Replacing pain pills with medical cannabis

Pain is something that we all experience and have to deal with in this life.  For some people the majority of their day is unimaginably agonizing and they are willing to do anything to find much needed  relief.  This often includes taking the prescribed opiate medication that our doctors have been handing out legally for many years.  Most people simply trust their doctors and have the assumption that if something is in pill form it is safe and has been through the rigorous drug approval process.  These medications often are very effective at first and may lead the person to believe that they are solving their problem of constant pain.  However, these drug users quickly build tolerance causing problems with effectiveness of the opiates as well as the very strong possibility of overdose.  The difference between where a regular opiate user can feel the effects and the dose that will kill them is far to small to be considered safe.  Prescription pills kill more people then heroin, crack, and meth combined and this is because of their perceived safeness compared to “illegal drugs.”  This is an enormous example of misinformation.  Just because a drug is legal and given to you in a pretty little white pill doesn’t mean it’s not as deadly as it’s street version Heroin.  Lawmakers could care less about health and safety of medical patients and have proven it through there promotion of pharmaceutical drugs over the natural safe alternative.  It’s all about dollars.

It’s often after a patient barely escapes the horrible side effects and physically addictive properties of opium that they then give medical marijuana a chance.  Medical cannabis is a much healthier alternative and provides patients a quality of life that they simply couldn’t receive from  a man made pharmaceutical poison.  Once the switch is made patients report that certain strains of cannabis are much more effective at suppressing their pain and also reduces the amount of flare ups.  This is most likely due to the ant-inflammatory properties of the plant that pills simply don’t have.  Side effects are usually on the pleasant side besides the occasional dry mouth or drowsiness.   Of course there is the fact that it is impossible to overdose and it does not have the horrible physical dependence and horrible withdrawal symptoms when it’s not used.  From cancer patients in constant pain to a serious athletic injury, cannabis has proven it’s effectiveness in treating pain.  This is just one of the many uses this plant has and it would take away millions of dollars from the pharmaceutical industry replacing so many of their inefficient drugs.

If you haven’t tried an alternative to federally accepted pain medications, you haven’t explored all your options.  IT has been shown in medical marijuana states that prescription pill overdoses have decreased after making cannabis an option for those suffering.  Spread the information to those that you love that suffer from serious pain and give them a chance to live the life they deserve free of addiction and nasty side effects.


Sour og strain review

The current strain that I’ve been using and enjoying lately is called the Sour OG.  It is a very relaxing strain and one that is also well balanced.  It really can be used any time of the day and still be enjoyable.

Genetics:  One of the most heavy influences on the outcome of your crop is the genetics of the plant.  Sour og is a cross between the well known strains of Sour diesel and Og kush.  The name reflects the combination perfectly and these two strains are originals that every smoker has either tried or heard of.  Og kush brings the strength to the high and definitely the relaxation factor that is felt.  The sour diesel is whats responsible for the diesel flavor and helps balance out the relaxation with more of an upbeat energetic high.  These two extremes really go well together and it’s what makes this strain flexible and easy to smoke mid day or late at night.

Looks: It’s one of those brighter green looking strains that is also covered in white trichomes.  The one thing that I did notice is that there were a lot more smaller sized nugs in the batch.  The medicine is relatively dense because its an og strain, and a picture is attached in the heading for a close up.  8/10 on looks.

Effects:  The effects are very pleasant and not the complete heavy body high that og kush is known for but still a warm feeling throughout the body.  I’ve found that this makes it really easy to sleep at the end of the night pain free.  When used in the day before completing tasks, its not debilitating.  I found it easy and enjoyable to get some things done around the house on different occasions.  I wouldn’t classify the high in the category of some of the strongest highs such as og kush and tangerine but definitely can be overwhelming for occasional users.  8/10 on effects

Overall I would definitely choose this strain again for its flavor and nice balance of effects. Although it is very relaxing, there are a lot of things going on in my mind and I feel relatively creative at the same time.  Not in my top 5 or so favorites but I would definitely pick up some more if my grower does another cycle.

Cannabis strains explained

For people who hear many of the ridiculous and creative names people use to describe their type of flowers it often sounds stupid.  Many uniformed people think weed is weed. Or they think there is just high quality and a lower quality. The truth is there have been so many breeds that have been crossed in so many unique combinations, that they all have something different to offer.  Cannabis does have similar effects across most strains, however many times certain effects are more noticeable in a specific type.  For example, a indica dominant strain such as banana kush would share the effects of euphoria, relaxation, and appetite with many other indica or kush strains.  However, one thing that could be helpful to a patient in serious pain is the powerful relief this specific medicine is known for.  It relaxes the muscles and eases the onset of sleep.

With each specific breed of the plant having its own significant attributes, the limits of this medicine are boundless.  The list of conditions that this one plant can help treat is longer then this blog post and would include the condition of simply living.  I think everyone experiences stress, anxiety, and pain and there is no reason generally healthy people also cannot benefit from its use.  With these different effects also comes different flavors.  One of my favorite things about consuming cannabis is enjoying the sweet unique flavors that come from different grows.  Unless you are making genetic clones, it’s unusual you will come across the exact same batch with the same exact flavors and effects.

Whats your favorite strain?  Is there one that helps exceptionally well with your condition/aliment?  Leave a comment below, and try out some new flavors instead playing it safe all the time, you may just find a new favorite.