The current strain that I’ve been using and enjoying lately is called the Sour OG.  Sour og strain is a very relaxing strain and one that is also well balanced.  It really can be used any time of the day and still be enjoyable.


One of the most heavy influences on the outcome of your crop is the genetics of the plant.  Sour og strain is a cross between the well known strains of Sour diesel and Og kush.  The name reflects the combination perfectly and these two strains are originals that every smoker has either tried or heard of.  Og kush brings the strength to the high and definitely the relaxation factor that is felt.

The sour diesel is whats responsible for the diesel flavor and helps balance out the relaxation with more of an upbeat energetic high.  These two extremes really go well together and it’s what makes this strain flexible and easy to smoke mid day or late at night.


It’s one of those brighter green looking strains that is also covered in white trichomes.  The one thing that I did notice is that there were a lot more smaller sized nugs in the batch.  The medicine is relatively dense because its an og strain, and a picture is attached in the heading for a close up.  8/10 on looks.


The effects are very pleasant and not the complete heavy body high that og kush is known for but still a warm feeling throughout the body.  I’ve found that this makes it really easy to sleep at the end of the night pain free.  When used in the day before completing tasks, its not debilitating.  I found it easy and enjoyable to get some things done around the house on different occasions.

I wouldn’t classify the high in the category of some of the strongest highs such as og kush and tangerine but definitely can be overwhelming for occasional users.  8/10 on effects

Overall I would definitely choose this sour og strain again for its flavor and nice balance of effects. Although it is very relaxing, there are a lot of things going on in my mind and I feel relatively creative at the same time.  Not in my top 5 or so favorites but I would definitely pick up some more if my grower does another cycle.

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Soham Rogers

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